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how do u feel abt the new minecraft updates?

i have mixed feelingz. nowadayz, minecraft iz a whole new game. don't get me wrong, all the new featurez are amazing! but don't you mizz the old minecraft, and the noztalgia it givez? i'm very torn between new and old.

i'm very very attached 2 old minecraft. all the new additionz feel like too much! zomething abt it doezn't feel "vanilla". itz not necissarily lozing it'z charm, but it feelz more like itz charm iz being changed or overwritten. new minecraft can't zimulate the zame feel of playing it with your friends back in 2017 during a late summer night. the new muzic doezn't have that zame C418 feel. itz almozt like the vizion of what minecraft waz zuppozed 2 be iz out of zight; like they're juzt freeztyling it now.

oh well... let'z talk abt zome of the new features! :⌝]

one thing i rlly wanted 2 talk abt are the cavez. THE CAVEZ R ZO ZCARY NOW, LIKE ZOMG... juzt looking into them makez my ztomach ztart 2 turn...


the new caves are no doubt zuper zcary, but they are really fun 2 mine in if you don't have 2 worry about mobz! i rlly like the lush cavez b/c they're very aezthetically pleazing and have, like... warm and cozy vibez? they are juzt really nice 2 be in!!!

next thing... new mobz! i like how the community can vote on which mobz they want. wardenz are cool, frogz and tadpolez r cute, firefliez zeem a little unnecissary, but could be nice, and allays seem pretty uzeful. i'm ztill really hung up on the fact that they needed to add firefliez for zome reazon??? hm...

zome of teh new blockz r cool... i rlly like the froglightz! mud brickz zeem like they could be uzed in zome pretty cool buildz...

overall, the new minecraft update iz pretty good, dezpite zome of the unnecissary additions and my complaining... hehe X⌝]


HAI, I'M CRAFT N THIZ IZ MEIN BLOG!!! :⌝] i juzt dump mein rambles here