a zequel. a threequel. a dayquil.

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Wouldn't it be fucked up if snakes could float? I would never go outside ever again.

The name's Moods. Amateur cowboy, Blockbuster fiend, tender computer lover, certified scrub AND noob, wannabe NASCAR racer, old Macintosh enjoyer, good old-fashioned loverboy, avid Linux hater, world's worst cable manager, junior ghostbuster and "white and nerdy" in Weird Al Yankovic's words. I spend a great deal of time on the internet.

Coding in HTML and CSS is one of my absolute favorite things to do! As I've mentioned before, this website is a passion project, and I really do put my heart and soul into keeping it up and running, along with keeping it happy and healthy. I hope that one day I could get this site registered under an official domain. Moodsintosh.com... how cool would that be?! :-)

Err... sorry about the gushing. I do that often.

I have a fair share of other interests. I'm a huge fan of Ghostbusters (1984) and Napoleon Dynamite (2004). I'm an old tech junkie, especially when it comes to old Macs, which is where this website got its name! I'm also big into anything Blockbuster - don't ask me why, it's just interesting to me. As a mashup introject, I'm also very obviously big into mashups, but I like other music too, mainly DnB and classic rock.

What else to tell you? Well, here's some trivia tidbits that don't fit anywhere else: