i don;t often hop fences
but i couldn't find any other way to get into your garden
you left it locked,
but i know it wasn;t on purpose

i dont often talk loud
but you say you like hearing me speak
i know my voice cracks a little too much
but at least you enjoy my rambles

i dont often switch things up
but i thought it would be nice to look...
well , nice
so i wore my pretty floral shirt with my little crown

i dont often write in straight lines
it's actually difficult for me
but i thought that my letters would be a little more legible if i did
sorry my handwriting's so messy

i dont often stand up straight
my back is permanently bent
but when you call my name i stiffen up and stand tall
"tall" even though i'm 5'7"

i dont often wear my glasses normally
i can't see an inch away from my face usually
but i thought i should be able to see your details
so i can draw you better next time

i dont often smile
i hate my smile . i hate the way it looks .
but i cant help but smile around you
and it makes it feel alright

i dont often change
but maybe
i'll change
for you